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Montrose car service Top Choice Mechanical Repairs is your one-stop shop for brake maintenance, diagnosis, repair and replacement.

Top Choice brakes safety and service mechanics assist you with all your brake service needs. Make a car service appointment online or call us now!


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Montrose Brake Service

Contact Top Choice Mechanical Repairs in Montrose for your brake service. When you take your vehicle into a Repco Authorised Car Service Centre to inspect and service your brakes, our mechanics will perform the following tasks:
1. Check the wear levels of disk brake pads and drum shoe pads
2. Replace brake and shoe pads, if they are worn past a safe level
3. Inspect brake fluid levels and braking system components
4. Refill brake fluid and replace brake system components, if the fluid is low or the system components are not working as necessary
5. Test the vehicle on the road to make sure the newly fitted components are working properly

Where required, our Montrose mechanics can also replace wheel cylinders, install power boosters, new master cylinders and new brake hoses, repair and replace brake line and brake line, bleed, fill and adjust brakes, resurface rotors and drums, recondition and replace calipers and provide ABS diagnosis and repairs.


Brake Warning Signs

To ensure your safety on the road, you need to conduct comprehensive vehicle check-ups regularly.

These general indications are not a substitute for a comprehensive brake system inspection, however sure signs that your car brakes are overdue for service are:
• brakes feeling soft or spongy
• brake pedal going lower than common or is unusually hard to push down
• brake fluid leaks
• squealing or grinding sounds
• car takes longer to stop
• steering wheel shudders
• the car is pulling to one side when braking

Visit our Montrose car service today and have your brakes inspected to ensure your and other motorist safety on the road. Call Top Choice now or make a car service appointment online!

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